Lucky me I see ghosts merch and their material

Lucky me i see ghosts hoodie

Lucky me see ghosts hoodie

Our Lucky me I see ghosts hoodies are made of double-face fleece which is not hairy on the inside, soft and warm, but not too hot to wear.

All lucky me I see ghosts real hoodies that we sell are neatly sewn and strong so that they are durable when used, have the best quality material and fabric color with a consistent level of color stability, and do not fade when washed.

The material used for hoodies

Fleece Cotton is a fabric that is widely used and popular in making Lucky me I see ghosts hoodies. This material is made from a mixture of cotton and polyester which makes this material comfortable to use and feels smooth on the wearer’s skin.

Lucky me I see ghosts hoodie

The fiber of this fabric is lighter than other types of fleece. However, this fabric has hydrophobic properties, making it a bit more difficult to absorb water. This can be used as an advantage or disadvantage depending on the wearer, of the total weight, only 1% of water can be absorbed by this cloth.

Even so, this lucky me hoodie fabric has pores that easily evaporate water; of course, this is very suitable for those of you who sweat easily because this fabric dries very quickly. This material is a recommendation for making hoodie jackets at our place.

Lucky me I see ghosts sweatshirts

Who likes to wear sweatshirts? Especially when winter comes, these knitted clothes are sure to be a mainstay to warm your body. But have you ever wondered what material a sweatshirt is made of? Well, this time we will discuss more deeply a good sweater material, especially for you. So, happy reading.

Lucky me I see ghosts sweatshirt

The material used for sweatshirts

Choosing a good sweatshirt material will greatly affect your comfort. Although lucky me I see ghosts sweatshirts can be used in any weather without making you feel uncomfortable and warm, you know. As long as you know the type of sweater material is good, you can still look stylish and comfortable by wearing a sweater.

Cotton fleece is probably one of the best, thickest, and best-selling sweatshirt materials on the market. Manufacturers are particularly attracted to this material because of its softer and smoother texture than polyester fleece sweaters. The basic material used to make this cloth is cotton, so this sweater is not easy to make the wearer feel warm or warm.

The advantage of this material is that the material is cold, but warm when worn. In addition, because it is made of cotton, air circulation becomes smoother. However, the disadvantages of this material are that it is not suitable for use at extreme temperatures and gets dirty easily especially brightly colored ones. So this material requires extra care.

Lucky me I see ghost T-shirts

A T-shirt is one of the clothes that are often liked by many people from various parts of the world. In addition, these clothes can be used by all genders, both men and women or children to adults. The T-shirts that you wear are made of various materials of varying quality.

Lucky me I see ghosts T-shirt

The material used for T-shirts

Cotton Combed Material

The most common and widely used type of material for the lucky me I see ghosts T-shirt is cotton combed material. This type of t-shirt is purely made of cotton, so it is suitable for t-shirts. Because this type of shirt material is very soft and easily absorbs sweat. It’s no wonder that in the market there are many types of T-shirts made of combed cotton.

Cotton Carded Material

This type of cotton carded shirt material has a quality one level below combed cotton. The difference is that the texture of this lucky me ghosts t-shirt is not as smooth and uniform as combed cotton because the thread is made by scratching. Carded cotton fabrics are usually made for sports shirts, factory uniform shirts, and T-shirts. Although the price is quite pocket-friendly, the quality of this shirt material is very comfortable when used.

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