How hoodies and Sweaters are different by function?

In a rainy season like today, we tend to choose warmer clothes. For example, still using a hoodie or sweater as a coating. However, while hoodies and sweaters both function as clothing that warms the body; they are two different types of clothing.

Difference Between hoodies and sweaters

This explains the controversy about the distinction between a hoodie and a sweater.

What are hoodies?

A hoodie is a form of thick clothing or sweatshirt. However, what distinguishes a hoodie from other sweatshirts is the ‘ hood ‘ or head covering. So warm clothing without a hoodie is a sweatshirt or sweater. Apart from that, the hoodie is also equipped with a kangaroo pocket on the front, some without or with a zipper too.


Hoodies are usually not only used to warm the body and exercise. But it can also be used every day and become a style statement for someone. Even if overseas, a hoodie is not a solution to keep your body warm, do you often see Hollywood celebrities wearing a hoodie but still layering it with a thicker jacket?

For the use of hoodies, the materials used are usually cotton, French terry, cotton- polyester blends. The designs also vary; there are short sleeves and cropped tops. While the cut is straight and does not form the body.

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What are Sweaters?

Sweaters are items of clothing that are knitted. The term sweater refers to a top made of wool and long sleeves. Yes, a sweater functions as a body warmer which usually uses wool yarn and is knitted by hand or machine.


Sweater designs also vary, some are made in a casual style and some are more official. There are also cuts made into turtlenecks, crew, boats, and V-necks. While the arms there are also short and long. However, the connotation of sweater means clothing that is more luxurious than a hoodie, you know.

Conclusion Differences between Hoodies and Sweaters, In conclusion, this is the difference between a hoodie and a sweater:

A hoodie is a variation of a sweatshirt with additional features such as pockets, zippers, and a hood.

  • Hoodies are usually equipped with attractive graphics, while knit sweaters are attractive in terms of material or thread color.
  • Hoodies use more casual materials, while sweaters use more proper materials to keep the body warm.
  • Hoodies function as everyday clothes, while sweaters act as wardrobes for special moments according to their function.
  • Hoodies don’t shape the body, while sweaters usually shape the body because of the material used and the type of stitching.

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